November Client of the Month – Amber & Jeff


Jeff & Amber are a great example of how beneficial it is for couples to train together. They support each other (and call each other out) during the workouts and push each other to be the best. They were kind enough to answer a few questions for me:

We found Kate on the online resource “Thumbtack”, and picked her based off her personalized response while giving us a quote for personal training.

We decided to join the 4 Week Challenge while continuing personal training in order to slim down a bit and tone up…we found it more motivating to do when under a time crunch with increased accountability and opportunities to work out by receiving the group text workouts 1-2 times daily.

We appreciate Kate’s style of personal training because her workouts are custom to our personal goals and current level of fitness, even while training two of us at once. Additionally, her workouts are always new and challenging. Her knowledge of what is safe and appropriate while working through injuries/health concerns and her motivation to help others succeed in their fitness goals is extremely evident. We also really appreciate her upbeat positive personality – feels like a friend is coming to visit on workout days!

Our greatest achievements for both of us include increasing our overall fitness level and learning how to incorporate fitness and healthy eating into a lifestyle approach…something Kate models very well in her personal life!