May Client of the Month – Lauren

Lauren is the ultimate example of a no excuse mom! Her hard work, dedication and commitment to improving her health and fitness inspires me! She’s someone I enjoy pushing harder because she’s open to the challenge, but also someone I respect and admire because of who she is. She sleeps less than me, shows up on time with a positive attitude and looks like she juggles her family effortlessly! She’s someone who has changed my life without even knowing it. Lauren was kind enough to answer a few questions for me:

I found Kate through a friend. She talked me into signing up while we were out on a girls night. I truly wasn’t looking to start my weight loss journey at the time the opportunity was presented to me. I was overweight, unhealthy and unhappy with myself, but being a busy mom of 4, I honestly thought I didn’t have time to exercise or even think about my diet. My friend talked me into signing up after she had much success and, man, I’m so glad she did!

I’ve done one 4 week challenge, and it was such an amazing experience. I pushed myself further than I thought possible. I lost weight, I got stronger and I feel so much healthier. I give Kate all credit for kick starting a journey I had no idea I was ready for. Since completing my challenge, I’ve continued to attend bootcamp a few times a week and have began lifting weights on my own. It’s really been the perfect combination for the healthy lifestyle I want to have! I love that Kate’s workouts are high intensity and I get a great cardio workout every time I go. Of course, the best part is the fact that her camps are kid friendly. There are not many places a mom can workout and not feel they’re neglecting their little ones. Camp being at a park and outdoors is a huge benfit for my kids.

My greatest achievement since joining is…I have abs!! I’m 15+ pounds lighter and so much stronger. Another big achievement was running my first 5k race. I never thought in a million years I would be a “runner” but, Kate converted me! I now ENJOY exercise!