January Client of the Month – Lindsay

Lindsay joined bootcamp in 2016 and has completely changed her health and fitness in a short period of time! She hated running, and probably me most of the time, but has now become a very involved member of our community. She did 2 challenges and lost 37 pounds, 26 inches and 5.5% body fat! Our race team is running a half marathon with her in February to celebrate her 33rd birthday! We’re also helping her achieve her other (non-running) goals in 2017!  She was kind enough to answer some questions for me:

I found Kate on Meetup. I joined to make some mom friends and hopefully get fit. I like the constant inspiration, encouragement and motivation that you get from people around you.

My favorite thing is just knowing that I’ll have friends to joke around with every morning and my daughter gets to hang out with other kids.

My greatest achievement is losing the ton of weight and signing up for a half marathon. The fact that I am even in a place to think I can run a half marathon is insane!