February Client of the Month – Doug

I’ve known Doug for about 3 years.  2.5 of them he was just “Molly’s husband” and I wasn’t sure if he wanted to kill me or just didn’t like me.  All that changed when he decided to do a challenge with Molly.  He’s hilarious.  He’s sarcastic and witty and keeps us all entertained while he gets amazing results.  The dedication and commitment to pushing himself to the next level is something I wish all my clients exhibited.  He still might want to kill me, but at least now he has the results he wants.  “Go Fitness!”

Doug was kind enough to answer a few questions for me:

Kate was my wife Molly’s personal trainer. I joined because I had gone as far as I could on my own. I started trying to lose weight that I gained after leaving active duty and blowing a disc out in my back. A couple years of drugs and Girl Scout cookies and I was 60 lbs too fat. I switched from Fitbit to Apple Watch on April 3, 2016 and have hit my goals every day. I like Kate’s program because Molly already mastered it. I don’t have to do anything with food. When I’m busy there is always a class I can attend. My favorite part is trying to be the class clown. I seriously hate working out. My greatest achievement has been to keep losing weight. I did the first 10 pounds on my own and about 40 with Kate. I would like to lose 5-8 pounds more.