Health and Fitness goals go far beyond our workout. My services are not just limited to the 60 minute session you have with me. I’m available to answer your questions via text and emails outside of training. I will also set you up for success with full meal plans and nutritional consulting.

Kate Anderson

*CFT * Personal Fitness Chef* Senior Fitness Specialist Specializing in:

  • Children/Family training
  • OCR/Running Coach
  • Pre/Post natal
  • Seniors
  • Weight loss


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Love the workouts, trainers and clients. I’ve definitely lost pounds and inches with Kate’s help in just these last few months. She is always trying to make the workouts fun for us too.
Laurel T.

Kate is an awesome trainer and person. Not only does she keep me accountable and honest but she motivates myself and now my daughter. It’s more than just losing weight it’s about emotional and mental shape as well. Kate is the perfect fit for my family and my journey.
Denise M.

Well 6 weeks ago I took the leap and started the Kate Anderson Fitness 6 Week Very Serious Challenge and it has truly changed my life. In 6 weeks I completely changed my “lifestyle”. I lost 36 lbs, beginning with baby steps of trying to jog a 1/4 mile without stopping, and by the last day of the challenge jogging a whopping 4 miles without stopping with a great steady pace. I want to thank all my fellow challenge partners, including my awesome wife, because I couldn’t of done it without her. Good luck to all in the lifestyle change and I can’t wait for the next challenge to begin.
Gus B.

I just completed the 4 Week Tone-Up Challenge from Kate Anderson’s Fitness and I am so excited about my results! Kate Anderson is awesome!  She is exactly what I’ve been looking for!  I lost 12 lbs, 9 inches and 6% body fat in just 4 weeks!  If you follow the plan and do what she says, you will get results!  I highly recommend Kate!
Maria B.